Sita Marhi

Sita Marhi
Sita Marhi

This is the place where mother Sita appeared from the earth. The word Sita means a part of a plough which digs the earth. Ravan had collected the blood of Rishies as the token of tax in an earthen pot and buried here. Due to this, there was a drought in the area. The gods advised king Janak to plough the field. Sita Ji appeared from the field to finish the terror of Ravan and to be the reason for his death. A Tapovan was there in those days, the ashrams of Pundarik, Shrangi, Kapil, Kharak and Chakra muni still exist here. The remains of those ashrams are still there in a radius of 10 km. People of the area have great regard for this temple. As per the folk beliefs, the wedding procession had passed through this place on the way to Ayodhya. King Janak had made the arrangements for the stay of Barat.

Valmiki Ramayana 1/69/7 Manas 1/303/3, 1/342/4 to 1/343/4.

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