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The contents of this website, the pictures and details are all from Shri Ram Sanskritik Shodh Sansthan Nyas. Dr Ram Avtar Sharmaji ( a retired IAS officer ) along with his team of dedicated researchers, have painstakingly worked for over 35 years to authenticate, pin point and correlate the literature, physical evidence, folklores, local festivals, archieological evidences etc.

It is surprising that so little has been done by Indian Government on this subject.

The third Journey of Lord Ram was the famous Vangaman forest journey of 14 years.

Again, huge geological, archeological material is available. Thousands of evidences which match with each other are available. Besides the mention in Valmiki Ramayan, there are local stories passed on for generations with tremendous aastha , ancient temples, ponds, lakes, roads, jungles, hills, caves, astronomical settings etc. all these were matched and undoubtedly prove the authenticity of the locations, and paths. Even the mention of distances traveled each day, meetings with various Rishis and locals and Lords’ resting places, etc confirm the findings. Dr Sharma has authenticated over 240 such sites on this Vangaman Forest path.

Again, it can give you esthetic experience to be standing in these locations and experiencing the breath, imagining the walks and touching the soil which at one time was touched by the lotus feet of Lord Ram.

May you deeply fall in love with the Lord by visiting these places..

Jai Siyaram

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