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Yatra With Muni Vishwamitra

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Dashrath Ji Ka Mahal

Dashrath Ji Ka Mahal

Ayodhya was the capital city of King Dasrath, It was the place where sage Vishwamitra had taken Shri Ram and Lakshman to save his"yagna".Valmiki Ramayan 1/5,6, all chapters and other references, Shri Ram Charitmanas 1/15/1: 1/34/2,3: 1/189/1 to 1/207/4: 2/0/1 to 2/187/1 there are many references.

Shri Ram Vanagman Yatra

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shri ram janki road

shri ram janki road

According to the traditions an kachcha road in the east of Ayodhya is called Ram Janaki Marg. As per the folk lore, the chariot of Shri Ram ji along with the wedding procession had passed through this way. Today, it is a concrete road but the name is stillthe same " Ram Janaki Marg".Based on Floklore

Shri Ram undertook FOUR major journeys during his lifetime.

The first one was with Muni Vashishtha and it was the learning phase of Shri Ram and three brothers. The famous YogVaashisth elaborately describes all the learnings and is a must read and study granth.
Second journey of Shri Ram was with Sage Vishwamitra. The purpose was to irradicate the menance of 1Rakshasas who were regularly destroying the Yagya and were turning extremely unruly and dangerous. Timely extraction was must and Sage Vishwamitra could see that only Lord Ram was capable of doing this job. He had therefore specially visited Ayodhyaji and requested King Dasharath to spare Lord Ram for few weeks. Even today after over 5000+ years, the description in Valmiki Ramayan almost exactly matches several geographic locations mentioned. IF one can imagine presence of Lord Ram in these places, and visualize how it must have been, just a thought and deep breath of the air there, the feel of soil and touch of some old temple stones, and old trees can immerse you in deep meditation and can be blissful like no other experience.. many of the places are in poor state and not crowded. So it is easily possible to be by yourself and move back in time !...

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