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Dr. Ram Avatar is a wonderful researcher who unites the forest sites of Ram Ji. Dr. Ram Avatar, retired as a senior officer of the Income Tax Department of the Government of India, has been continuously researching Ramji's pilgrimages for the last 48 years.

As a research conclusion, you have established 290 sites related to Lord Rama's visits as Tretayugin memorial shrines.These sites are mainly marked in two categories. You have placed a total of 41 places with Muni Vishwamitra in the first category from erstwhile Ayodhya to Mithila i.e. from the world famous Ayodhya in Faizabad district of present Uttar Pradesh to Janakpur in Nepal & between Janakpur to Ayodhya.

In the second category, 249 sites have been identified as Shri Ram Vanagman Tirtha. In this way, a total of 290 sites have been accepted as historical evidence of Ramji.

On your recommendation, these pilgrimages have been shown in the map of the Central Government of India & the Ministry of Tourism of various provinces & plans their development have been made.

The son of eminent freedom fighter late Jagdish Sharma of Dadoli village in Haryana, Dr. Ram Avatar Tretayug, the man of honor, is an internationally renowned scholar who proves Lord Shri Ram as the history of the year of India. At the age of 72, Ramavatar, a man full of youthful energy, is currently the President of the Ramayana Circuit constituted by the Government of India. He is involved in propagating Ramji's pilgrimages as the General Secretary of Shri Ram Cultural Research Institute Trust.

Flame towards Ramji in childhood

When you were young, there was an affection for Ramji & sage saints. According to the elders of the family, many times you would say that I can see Sadhu Baba in my childhood when there is no one around. On the call of Antaraman you start running out of the house that Baba is calling.

In particular, listening to Ramji's exodus from his Tai, mother & sisters in folklore, you would cry bitterly. While narrating the Karun saga of Ramji & Sitaji, those women often sobbed & upon seeing them weeping, tears of tears started rolling from the eyes of Bal Ram Avatar.

There was a sister-in-law in Dr. Ramavatar's family. Brother-in-law's name was An&i Devi. She was a very educated & enlightened woman of her time. Bhabhiji regularly recites Ramayanji. Many people used to come to listen to his melodious text. In his childhood, Ram Avatar ji got an opportunity to hear & underst& the story of Ramji from these sisters.

When some grew up, Rosie came out of the house for bread. First got a small job in the Income Tax Department & made arrangements for dal roti. The job was very small, Ram Avatar was reinstated to the post of a water-drinking assistant. But he neither considered any work to be small nor today. Since childhood, the habit of executing his work with great dedication is engaged.

Livelihood in Income Tax Department

In the Income Tax Department of the Government of India, you got the clout of such officers who inspired them to do something else in life by rising from a small job. After getting the support of the officers, you started to increase your qualification by studying with a job. Ram Avatar first came in the tenth reading job. When the process of studying with a job started in the Income Tax Department, you progressively graduated with a bachelor's & master's degree & earned a doctorate of Philosophy i.e. PhD with research work.

As the educational qualification increased, opportunities for promotion in the department also started. On qualifying, you were selected for the post of Income Tax Inspector through examination. But your interest was more towards the official language. Therefore, you thought it appropriate to promote the use of the national language in the Income Tax Department in place of inspection work. You got a break from the post of assistant director by progressively rising above the water ladder assistant in the lowest ladder of income tax department.

During my studies, I came to know that Ram ji is our history man or just the story of myth.

As many people asked, different information was found. Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta! Hearing the story of Ramji taking many births in many kalpas, the mind was shocked that in reality such a thing would have been possible? There was curiosity in the mind. There was a longing to know Ramji & the culture of Ramji with his Lilabhoomi.

Paid leave for dissertation

While working in the Income Tax Department, Ram Avatar wanted to conduct research studies on the subject of Vanvasi Ram & his impact on folk culture. The circumstances were like that at that time, it was difficult to explain any usefulness of this study to those who were skeptical & confused about the name of Ram, even if the government permission was given for research in the name of Ram. But Ram Ji kindly made a rare sum of paid vacation for two years.

Researcher Ram Avatar

Human Resource Development of the Government of India approved research plan on the topic Vanvasi Ram & their impact on folk culture & Ram Avatar got involved in his work. In the condition & direction of research in the year of India, this project did not have the status of more than a degree & a book. But for Ramavatar Ji this plan was the blessing of Ram ji to make his dreams come true.

He started searching for texts to search for the list of forest destinations of Ramji. Started meeting scholars. Ram Katha began to see penetrating, saintly - Mahatmas. Every scholar had his own theories & conclusions. Saint Mahatmas had their own stories. But no one was willing to tell where Ramji came out of Ayodhya, where did he reach Rameswaram & what he did during this time.

Actually, no single person can see Ramaji's forest sites spread from Ayodhya to Rameswaram in one birth without Ramaji's grace. It is not that people did not know about these pilgrimages after the incarnation of Ram ji in Treta Yuga. There was information, but all these places can be related to each other, no one had visited it. No one needed to string them into one thread.

Rama Avatar is such a wonderful researcher that he has done a work which confirms that Shri Rama is indeed our history man.

Ram is also Brahma Parmeshwar but incarnated in the Treta Yuga with the human body & the contribution he made to the public welfare for his generation, & for the subsequent generation he was worshiped as an incarnation of Narayana in the Sakshata male body. The memory of his arrival in Lilabhoomi related to him remains even today. With the help of this memory, we can consider him as our real ancestor.

Ram Avatar tried to find the Leela l& of Ramji. When they got to receive the l&s one by one, then hearing the story related to them, the vision of underst&ing Rama's Rama was opened & when the eyes were opened the person could not sleep.

Rama avatar has now been propagated by spreading Ram Ji's Leelabhummis in one sutra so that those who consider Shri Rama as their ideal can bless their lives by knowing the glory of these places.

Good wishes

Ram Avatar was no one to guide him when he went on a vacation to find Ramji's Lilabhoomi as a full-time researcher on his expedition. There were many scholars who were confused but there was no one to show the real way.

In such a situation, the world famous Goraksha Peethadhishwar Mahant Avaidyanath of Gorakhpur from Prabhukrapa gave concrete indications of walking on the path of Ramji. An unnamed saint of Ayodhyaji inspired the cycle journey. Tired losers were sitting disappointed on the banks of Maa M&akini in Chitrakoot district, an ascetic often known as Mauni Baba, who kept quiet & said -

 "What you are looking for does not get confidence without you. When you are looking for Ramji's forest places then how will you find these places without w&ering one by one. If those whom you are asking do not know themselves, what will they tell you? One cannot get information about forest sites by reading books or hearing stories like parrot rattas because neither Valmiki Baba nor any other saintly Mahatma or author has written anything openly about them. The information which is in the books, they are in the signs & underst&ing these signs is not a game under the control of you or any scholar. "

Preaching of the master

“If you want to know the forest sites of Rama, then you should take Hanumanji in disguise as a forest dweller & walk in the forest. You will also find Ram & the place of Ram Ji. Get to know these places, get acquainted with them & others too. ”

A saint living on the banks of Narmadaji in Pasighat advised the circumambulation of Narmada Maiya & gave the Abhaya mantra to follow the path.

Forest Walking Discovery

Ram Avatar is constantly going on with the blessings of such saints. One by one is w&ering. Old forests that have turned into cities…. The dusty roads of the village, where the new villagers are no longer interested in remembering the arrival of Ramji… Biyaban where after the conversion, the steps of Ram ji are worshiped only once or twice a year ……… & this Only a few people reach in the worship… Ram kept searching for Avatar. Wherever any new information was received…. On the test of Valmiki Ramayana, that place started becoming a link to the forest route, Ram kept on asking for confirmation of the avatar place without any hesitation.

Wherever the road was blocked, no confirmation was found in the dense forest or concrete jungle .. When every effort started to fail, Saint Baba remembered the heart, pleaded with Hanuman ji & I got absorbed in Ramdhun in solitude… Suddenly some formula came out in the middle of Ramdhun.

Ram Avatar continued to walk in the fire of rain in the midst of a sunbathing sun, where there is no tree bush… Ram Avatar, who came to a village in the evening after getting information about a new place, kept asking people… .. No firm information was found …… . No one was able to tell me …… Just got this information that yes I have heard from an elderly person but I do not know where that place is.

Found shelter in the dark darkness

That evening turned into a dark dark night. On the deserted path, st&ing alone in Gundhun or moving in the rhythm of Ramdhun, some unknown person giving shelter to Ram Avatar was found …… Sometimes a sadhu… Somewhere a rage was found with which the night was spent. There were talks & Ram Avatar ji found a new site related to Ramji's exile.

The dacoits also robbed

W&ering alone in dense forests, the b&it was sometimes found. The b&its who took away every pie & clothes lying near RamAvatar for discharging their karma & duty, saying that I am giving up my life, is it less …… ..

But when a person pours himself into Ramji's duty… .. takes Hanumanji with him & the grace of the Sadguru remains, then the wisdom of such hardened b&its awakens. Such occasions often came up in Ramavatar's research life when, even after taking away all the elusive assets, the b&its not only fed Ram Avatarji but also took his man along to go further safely, who reached a limit & returned back. Saying from the neck, "Brother, what should I do, my Ramji gave such deeds, which is the condition here today, please tell your Ramji to liberate us!" "

So this is how the research journey of researcher Ram Avatar continued. & still Rama avatar is going on. Do you know some more new places ……

How many forest sites were found in research

In this way, the sequel related to Ramji's forest theme got mixed.

The story related to each new episode continued to connect from one place to another.

So far, 249 pilgrimage sites have been tied in one sutra, one by one, while 41 places related to pilgrimage to Mithila from Ayodhya have been threaded into one sutra.

How authentic are these places

The question is often asked how much of these places are related to Ramji. We must underst& it properly. It is well known that the bridge built for the Expedition to Lanka campaign. But we do not yet have the available technology to prove the construction of this bridge or to prove it a human effort.

In fact, every technology is a knowledge-based variable system whose own power remains doubtful every moment. The principles of many great scientists of our time, which have been recognized for a long time, the principles & tools based on which we have been useful & working for humans, have changed completely in the last hundred or two hundred years.

In the coming hundred or two hundred years, no one knows how useful the technologies currently being used in modern times will remain & how long their practice will continue. It is possible that many technology-based systems may be completely changed. & the technology of our children's children's generation should be completely different from us.

Take an example. Most of you must have used pen or pencil at some time to write. But if every human being on earth gets educated through computer then ask yourself the question of how much usefulness of pen or pencil will be. Just assume that in future, every learner will write only from computer - if he reads, where will the pencil, pen & all the tools related to writing go?

Take the example Ali Baba's Khul Ja Sim Sim story

In the world now, the use of SIM SIM to open the door is being used in many homes today. Devices that underst& the message by listening to your voice or clapping are present in our homes. Whereas, a hundred years ago, the technique of opening the cave by listening to the voice was considered to be only fiction.

Similarly, you can find many examples from your own experience.

The birth of sophisticated technology through sophisticated knowledge

Every technology is a knowledge-based variable system that varies slightly according to the need of us humans in every age. Sometimes we underst& this change & many times we take advantage of it without underst&ing it.

 Today we are using computers. Are using smart mobile phones but how many of us know this technology.

All these examples are of knowledge-based physical technology. In this, the technical material knowledge becomes more sophisticated as it becomes sophisticated & by reaching the highest peak of physical knowledge, the distinction between knowledge & knowledge is erased. The body of such a knower transforms into itself in the form of knowledge, mantras, instruments & tools. That is why people sitting on the peak of knowledge preserve this very subtle knowledge only through memory so that it does not reach the trespasser & even if it is reached, then it may fall under the influence of Maya to use it further. Do not be able.

The people of such knowledgeable sage tradition were not one or two in the Treta Yuga, with whose support many constructions were made at that time & their concrete remains are still today, but they can be proved only by those who have the same knowledge even today.

Yes, their memories still exist in narrative form, which have been cherished by the people of eternal Indian culture from era to era. That is why the memory of the episodes associated with Ramji is safe in our place.

Even today people of sage tradition are knowledgeable of subtle knowledge

Now the question remains, are there such sages as of today? The answer of the creator of these lines is - Yes. The second question is, then why do they not come forward & prove this construction & the evidence related to it? The simple answer to this is that there is neither permission nor necessity to demonstrate this knowledge in front of those who have faith in their heart, those who are suspicious & mischievous. In fact, those who have received even a small fraction of this knowledge, if they use this knowledge for their benefit, greed, attachment, anger or any other reason, perform it among the devotees or incendents, then they get severe punishment.

To authenticate the creation of Ramji's time for such scholars engaged in avoiding this punishment & achieving their tenacity & their life goals, or by showing their knowledge as a miracle in front of modern-day scientists or devotees or incendiary There is no justification for coming & performing. Those who performed beyond such a threshold have suffered a downfall during their lifetime. Not one such example is in front of our eyes.

Yes, those who are devotees & who have faith in Ram ji, believe in their eternal culture, they have deep loyalty in their mind, then they get the respect of such knowledge in their lifetime & get the proper benefit of their knowledge. Because the limited use of this knowledge for public welfare has been happening in every era. It is possible that many of you devotees have experienced this quite well.

So when the passion of Ramji's time to find the l&s is awakened in the mind of Ram Avatar, then one of the Sadhguru who chants Ram ji, Mouni Baba not only shows the way forward, but also makes this system deep. Do not harm wild animals or dacoits in Ramavatar w&ering alone.

Very sophisticated knowledge has always been preserved by the Guru Shishya tradition.

Memories are the longest lifespan. The subtlest form of sophisticated knowledge is not kept in books. They have been preserved from time immemorial from the Guru-disciple tradition. Not only in India but in all parts of the world, this diverse form of knowledge is still in practice through various gurus.

Every knowledge available in mantra form is enlightened. Even a letter of any language can get the full meaning & mystery of the person who possesses it. The qualification & eligibility conditions for becoming an officer apply. Therefore, even if you get the mantra, even if you get a glimpse of knowledge, then after getting into the illusion that now I have become eligible, many eligible characters have also proved to be ineligible in their lifetime & have come down with notoriety. You will find such an example in every era. Therefore, when looking for evidence of the times of Ramayana & Ramji, consider becoming a devotee, it will be more beneficial.

If we consider Valmiki Ramayana, an unbroken original copy of its written form is not available anywhere. No one knows what is the original form of this book written on paper, cloth, stone or metal letters, but the stories of this great scripture are available in different parts of India without breaking.

It is clear that in India, the sages, who are the explorers of knowledge & truth, did not resort to any material object to keep their society connected but instead used narrative stories & metaphors to keep it in the memory of the common man & the mantra form of subtle knowledge. Maintained in practice by the Guru disciple tradition. The direct philosophy of the mantra & its use continues unchanged from time immemorial. Yes, there is no research on who has got or gets direct benefits.

Rama Avtarji settled the mantras of Ramji in mind. Believing in the Gurus, he went out on the lonely path without any doubt & the result was that about three hundred pilgrimages related to Ramji's direct Leela were put into a sutra in his lifetime.

Stories related to the memory of Ramji are prevalent in different parts of our country & if all of them are combined together then one can get a connection with the events of that place & other places.

As a researcher, Ram Avtarji tried to make the same connection & by the grace of Ramji this effort has proved successful. The Government of India has also accepted this effort. The places received in Ramavatar's research tour have been formally recognized as Ramji's shrines.

Keep in mind that this recognition is not given by the grace of any particular party, but Ramavatar ji took information on the geographical location of the two hundred & ninety pilgrimages on which he researched with the GPS Yantra. It has been accepted as an authentic inscription of Ramji's pilgrimages using constant government money.

Based on this research, the sites are being combined into a formula while creating a tourism circuit for Ram Ji's pilgrimages. Various state governments have started work on these. But these works are incomplete. The development & preservation of pilgrimages will happen only when the mass people are aware.

In Valmiki's time, the evidence of construction made from the available technology is more than likely to fail every attempt to find it with the available technology, so do not seek the evidence of these sites that have stood the test of time.

Ramavatarji can be considered authentic on the basis of memories related to the places he has found in a sutra.

Memory for proof are enabled

If you believe someone stable in this changing world, then it would be untrue. But despite not being stable, the longest power remains of memory. So take recourse to memories then you will be able to reach the fact.

Will be able to access their history.

For example, you must know your mother & father. They may also know about their parents & their parents. But if you ask for information about ancestors from fifty generations ago, what will you answer?

If you are Bharatvanshi, Indian & know the history of your clan, gotra & clan, then you will be able to tell the name of the father of this clan, but who do not know their ancestors & their ancestors. nobody knows.

But can our ignorance prove to be untrue by this ignorance? … ..

Most of us Bharata Vanshis know their clan & gotra. The memories of this Kul gotra & our entire cultural history are embedded in our Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas & other texts. Our whole knowledge is preserved safely in the Vedas, which by reading & worshiping those letters, we reach that full knowledge which is the confluence of real learning & avidya.

People of sage tradition have lived in every era who have complete knowledge. But the philosophy of such sages is in large part. The people of the inhospitals do not get the benefit of their knowledge.

Possibly such knowledgeable were Mouni Baba who gave Ramavatarji the knowledge of locating the places related to Ramji's exile in the forest. Trusting the word of his Guru, Ram Avatar was able to tie these places in a sutra.

Valmiki, Kalidas, Tulsidas & present-day pilgrimage have been commemorated in these shrines

If you want to test the evidence of these sites based on memory, then the period of Valmiki Ramayana, the period of Kalidas's Raghuvansha, the period of Ramacharit Manas of Goswami Tulsi Das & the present period of our people are put together to make their antiquity & their pilgrimage. Find proof of being.

Valmiki i.e. the period of the very old Treta Yuga of the past, Kalidas i.e. about one & a half to two thous& years old history of available history, Tulsi Das i.e. six hundred years old history says that Ramji came to these places.Kalidas could not write Raghuvansh without visiting these pilgrimages, Goswami Tulsidas Ji found the grace of Hanumanji in these pilgrimages & could write Ramcharit Manas & in our times, Rama Avtarji went to these shrines & was able to combine them all into one sutra.If Ram Avatar does not visit these pilgrimages again & again, he himself would have known their importance & without Ram Avatarji's contribution we & you would have known about them.

In this way, a continuous tradition of pilgrimage sites binds us Indians in one thread. It is a big fact & truth that the awareness about these places in different sections of the period is sometimes reduced but it is not lost till now because of the memories of the ancestors through different generations so far here The order of worship has been going on.

In this way, with the help of the memory of these places, we can know the authenticity of these pilgrimages. Places which have been pilgrimage for at least two thous& years, they may have been pilgrimage even before two thous& years, it can be estimated.

Everyone will find a striking similarity in these four periods, clash of values, deviations in lifestyle & cultural conflicts between each other. Discussing all these, only then you will be able to underst& how Ramji & his places have remained relevant in different periods & why they have been protected.In the present times, it becomes our responsibility to develop them & come here & be connected with the pulsing that keeps on beating our heart every second.

Not everyone gets the blessings of Ramji

You have a heart inside you that is beating, as long as it remains pulsed, then your life is there. But not everyone of you beats heart for Ramji.

Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta. For Ramji, his heart will be pulsed only by those who are associated with Ramji. You will be able to see the forest site of Ram ji as authentic only, on which Ramji will be pleased. For his philosophy, he will come forward for protection, whom Ramji would like to serve.

Not everyone gets this good fortune.

Ramji does not serve everyone. But he gives both the Ihloka & the hereafter the person he serves. So look into your inner self & try to see these places.

These will not only make you feel true & real place, but by assuming the recognition associated with these places, when you come here & have some desire, then your wish will definitely be fulfilled.

Rama Avatar shed tears in childhood upon hearing of Ramji's exodus. Hearing the story of forest movement, wept bitterly. In his childhood, Ramji sowed such seeds in his mind that from the youth to the age of more than 71 years, he is w&ering in these forests.

Went to find them in youth. Youth turned into middle age & when they got tied up in a unified form, now they are going to develop them again & again.

Ramji went on exile for 14 years, but the entire life block of Ram Avatar is in exile. A one-time trip takes two to two & a half months. Home - Family, Wife Child - Children are constantly leaving the temptation for whom …………….

Rama had taken the exile at the behest of his mother & father, but Ram Avatar has come to the forest at his own will.

That's why you have to walk continuously ..

What have you found till date ……….

The better question is what is not found till date…

In the state of Rama, he is walking freely like a swan by working in the Income Tax Department of the Government of India.

The whole family is full. One daughter, one son. All capable, self dependent on ourselves. No one has the desire for father's support or ancestral property. Third generation children have come into the family to carry forward the dynasty.

Dr. Ramavatar's foreign trip

When Ramji w&ered one by one, the country also got an opportunity to roam abroad.He has presented research papers on the visits of Shri Ram on special invitations in many countries like America, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerl&, Netherl&s, Belgium, Singapore & Indonesia.

From the village to the city, from the province to the capital & from home to abroad, wherever you go, there is a queue of people taking the feet of Ram Avatar.

What is needed in life.

One who is a body is engaged in the work of Rama. Whatever mind is there, Shri Rama is firm in his feet.

A lot of food is available. They work tightly throughout the day & sleep well at night.

With the help of medicine, sitting in a chair or lying on the bed does not cause future worries.

What else do you want in life ……….

Who is the associate of Shri Ram Vanagman Path Yatra

Ram Avatarji's Vanagaman Yatra is now almost forty years old. Many hitchhikers have met in the course of these four decades of travel. Have become allies. Some have been together since the beginning. Some passengers changed. Children of some are now involved in this journey. People are supporting as much as possible.

Especially in remote villages, dense forests, those hitchhikers who have kept the memory of Ramji's arrival at their place deserve special thanks as they are being developed once again with their active support.

It is possible that there is a place of Ramji in the village around you or in your home province, whose memory is still in the mind of you or acquaintances. The search for such an unknown place is going on. The development work of those who have been identified & confirmed is in progress.

How many times has Ayodhya to Rameswaram traveled?

The journey from Ayodhya to Rameswaram has not happened many times. The latest journey started in the year 2018 from Delhi on 13 October & from Ayodhyaji on 14 October, & the journey to Rameswaram continued continuously & returned back to Delhi on 29 December.

Trust was formed for the development & propagation of these pilgrimages.

Through the Sri Ram Cultural Research Institute Trust, Dr. Ram Avatar is engaged in the publicity of these places. This trust was formed in 1997. Since its birth, till now, the Trust has been continuously engaged in the preservation & development of Ram ji's pilgrimages & the spread of Ramji's culture. Detailed information about this trust website.

Can be taken through

If you can give your support to the Trust, then it will be a big cooperation in the upliftment of Indian culture.

Know trust

Shri Ram Cultural Research Institute Trust

Chitrakoot, B 945, Mig Flats,

East Loni Road, Delhi 110064

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