Shringi Ashram

Shringi Ashram
Shringi Ashram

The ancient Shringi Ashram is located on the banks of River Saryu, 3km north of Mehboob Ganj, near Sherva Ghat. If we travel along the banks of river Saryu, this area is approximately 20 kms away from Ayodhya. Many huts of sages are located here. It is believed that sage Vishwamitra had imparted the knowledge of "Balla" and "Atibalaa" to Shri Ram at this ashram. It is also believed taht many saints lived in this ashram at that time. And it was in one of these ashrams the sage Vishwamitra, Shri Ram and Laxman had rested.

Valmiki Ramayan 1/22/11 to 24, Manas 1/205 Doha to 1/208/2:1/208/4

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